Be A Sponsor

How To Be The Exclusive Sponsor In Your Town

  1. Free to SEO Clients – Top Agent Internet Marketing Inc. provides the use of the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS promotion to specific clients during the period they are clients with the understanding that Top Agent Internet Marketing Inc. handles all the work involved with the annual promotion for each client in their town.
  2. Rates for non-SEO Clients – Any local business meeting the qualification criteria below can become an exclusive sponsor of the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Awards program and receive all benefits, including having us do all the work for you for a reasonable monthly fee.
  3. Ownership of the Promotion – All aspects of the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS promotion and promotional concept, including but not limited to logo design, application to clients’ websites including widgets, ideas for prizes awarded to local winners, direct mail design and copy, and website page design and copy are wholly owned by Top Agent Internet Marketing Inc., a limited company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada.
  4. Use of Materials – Unauthorized use of above materials is prohibited. Transgressions will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

Please contact us for exclusive rights to be a sponsor of the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Awards program in your area.

We Do All The Work For You

This is a completely Done-For-You service. We do all the work for every aspect of the program. You can be involved if you wish. You can recommend local businesses in your area you’d like to see as winners, or we can select them for you. We’re happy to do all the work, and we’re good at it.

  1. Changing the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Awards logo, high resolution and low resolution, to include the name of your town and the year of the annual promotion.
  2. Designing the direct mail piece sent to every business in your town, including copy writing and layout.
  3. Arranging and paying for delivery of the direct mail piece to every business in your town with either USPS or Canada Post.
  4. Selecting winners who qualify, including consulting with you about possible local winners.
  5. Writing the copy for new pages on your website explaining the concept, the rules, and the practical aspects of the Awards program, including designing application forms, widgets, a page showing prizes for winners, a form for each, and writing and posting the code on your website that winners can copy and paste on their website to show they are a winner.
  6. Ordering different sized stickers, some front adhesive, some back adhesive, to be mailed out to winners.
  7. Writing the congratulatory letter sent to winners. Finding correct mailing addresses for each winner, addressing an envelope for each winner, customizing a letter for each winner, paying for postage and delivering to the post office.
  8. Phoning each winners periodically in your name after this year’s winners has been announced to provide FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT to help them put the animated winner’s logo on their website. In our experience winners love to be contacted for this reason.
  9. Mailing out additional stickers to winners, and emailing the high resolution logo to winners who request them through your website
  10. We announce Award winning businesses on your social media, find appropriate local media in your town and send them a Press Release with a list of winners.

Benefits of Being the Exclusive Sponsor in Your Town

This program has been carefully developed to give a genuine boost to local business. Bringing this program to your community helps every person in your town. It increases community spirit, and everybody benefits from that. In return for your investment you receive these benefits:

  1. You receive more traffic to your website, not only from winners, but also from community members curious about the program, and when any visitor to a winner’s website clicks the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS logo they are taken to your website.
  2. You are seen as a pillar of the community, a business that supports and gives back to the local business community.
  3. You instantly gain the trust of every business in your community. Your reputation for honesty and integrity soars. This increase in your reputation is gradually adopted by every member of the community.
  4. Award winners are grateful, and show their gratitude with direct business and referrals.
  5. We work with only one Sponsor in each community. You will be the only BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Sponsor in your community.

Qualify to Be A Sponsor

You must meet these criteria:

  1. You must be a successful local business with a genuine desire to give something back to the community that has helped to make you successful.
  2. You must either have been in the community for a number of years, or be committed to being a part of that community for a number of years.
  3. And you must have a good reputation in the community so that the integrity of the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Awards program is always seen to have the highest standards and viewed in a positive light.
  4. You must allow us to announce Award winning businesses on your social media.

Your contribution as a Sponsor of the program is always conveyed to the businesses in your community with class and distinction. Every aspect of the program portrays you as a successful, local business Sponsoring the program to give back to the community. We highly encourage you to participate with that frame of mind.

If you are interested in becoming a BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Awards Sponsor for your community contact us.