Benefits of Winning

Your Sponsorship allows BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Award Winning local businesses in your area to receive the kind of benefits they could not receive any other way, the kind of benefits money can’t buy, such as:

  1. They benefit from a great deal of publicity:

    • Each year we announce the Best of the Best Local Business winners to your community with a Press Release to local media, on your website, and on your social media.

    • They have the right to display the Animated BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS logo for the current year on their website at no charge. This can be a tremendous benefit as every customer and potential customer who visits their website sees they won the Award. They receive from your website a digital version of the Award logo and simple instructions on how to make it appear on their website.
    • We mail them high quality full-color Award stickers they can post on their business wall and on their windows.
    • They can display the Award logo on their marketing materials. We make high resolution logos in different formats available upon request from your website at no charge.
  2. This publicity helps Award winning businesses in a number of ways:

    • It enhances their reputation, elevating their status in the community. This increases the credibility of their brand and trust in their products and services which encourages customer loyalty and drives increases in sales.
    • It differentiates them from their competitors.
    • It improves company morale among their employees and motivation within their team. Employees are proud to work at their company so they stay with the company longer.

Please use the small form on your right to contact us about the benefits of Sponsoring the Best of the Best Local Business Awards in your community.